None of us are without our influences. Here, in no particular order, are some of the photographers who inspire me...

Ansel Adams: No introduction needed really. The grandfather of landscape photography whose photographs helped in the preservation of much of the American wilderness.

Joe Cornish: Pictures oozing depth with a masterful use of light.

Craig Potton: A New Zealander who takes subtle but profoud pictures of the New Zealand wilderness, sometimes in the most atrocious conditions. He also owns a publishing company producing excellent books and calendars.  

Andris Apse: Another New Zealander who produces stunning panoramic images of his homeland.

Charlie Waite: Distinctive square images with strong, graphic compositions.

Peter Dombrovskis: A Tasmanian wilderness photographer who is a bit of a legend in his homeland. His photograph of the Franklin River was central to the campaign that sucessfully prevented the building of the Franklin Dam.

Rob Blakers: Tasmania has a wealth of great wilderness photographers and Rob is one of the best.

The Wilderness Gallery: An inspiring place to visit if you are ever in Tasmania.