Photography is everywhere.  Virtually everyone has taken a photograph at some point, whether it was just a holiday snap or part of a more serious hobby, but how often are you truly happy with the result?

I like to look at people’s travel photos, especially if they’ve been somewhere with amazing scenery, but I often hear the same sort of phrase being used by the photographer: ‘…of course it was much more impressive than that in real life’, or ‘this photo doesn’t really do it justice’, or ‘the colours were much more vivid than this in reality’.

More often than not, it is the photographs of landscapes that require these accompanying excuses, but it need not be that way…

If you are inspired by the landscape and are keen to successfully capture your vision, then one of my workshops might be just the thing.  They are designed to improve your understanding of the three core ingredients for successful landscape photography: Composition, Light and Style.  There will be plenty of advice to help you develop a better technique and small group sizes mean lots of individual tuition if you want it. The following pages give details of some of my established workshops, but I like to keep things flexible and I try and taylor each course to the needs of the individual or group of photographers. For that reason, I do not set a specific date for my workshops, preferring instead to try and accomodate a date that suits you, so if you are an individual or group of photographers and are interested in one of my courses, please get in touch.

Vouchers are also available if you would like to give a course as a gift. Please contact me for more details.

Whatever your level of experience, my aim is for you to leave my course with a better technique and clearer mental approach to your own photography.


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