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Award winning professional photography by James Osmond. Outdoor photographer specialising in landscapes, outdoor lifestyle, heritage and travel. Based in Bristol, UK.
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My name is James and I have worked as a professional outdoor photographer for the best part of 20 years now. I take commissions from a diverse range of clients that include food companies, conservation charities and a number of magazine publishers. I also spend a lot of my time producing creative stock photography for two of the biggest image libraries in the world: Getty Images and Alamy.

My passion for outdoor adventure started when I was in the Scouts and has grown ever since. Even during my Zoology degree, it was the field work that excited me most and when the opportunity arose to study for an MSc in Biological Photography, I jumped at the chance and graduated with distinction.  Shortly after, my wife and I began married life living and working in New Zealand and Australia, exploring the magnificent wilderness those countries have to offer. We have since moved back to the UK and now live in Bristol with our three children, enjoying outdoor adventures as a family.

Although I am utterly passionate about my work, I do have other interests and when I’m not out with my camera or looking after our children, you’ll no doubt find me either: on my bike, playing cricket, repairing our 300 year old house, working on our allotment or in the kitchen, cooking up something with the produce we grow. If truth be told however, the camera usually finds its way into all these activities too!

James Osmond

Getty Images

I have over 1500 images represented exclusively by Getty Images. You can search and license these images directly from Getty by clicking on the picture above.

Alamy Images

I also have over 4000 images represented by Alamy.  These can be licensed from Alamy or directly from myself if you prefer. Just e-mail me the Image ID numbers and usage details and I’ll get back to you with a quote.

Mud & Sand Book

Mud|Sand is my second book and is a collection of black & white photographs exploring the unusual aesthetic of the mudflats and saltmarsh that define the Somerset coast. Signed copies are available for £15 +P&P.

Fine Art Print

Prints are available of any of my photos on either traditional photopaper, fine art inkjet paper, aluminium or canvas. Prices start at £49. Please contact me for details or visit my Fine Art Prints website.